Ke$ha Defaces the Hollywood Sign...Or Did She?

Yesterday a video surfaced in which Ke$ha and her friends defaced the "Hollywood" sign. They put letters over the sign so that it would read Keshawood. Ke$ha then proceeded to post the video on her You Tube account. Ever since the video surfaced there has been many talks about whether or not this is real or not. One source stated that it is impossible for this to happen and that the guards that watch the sign 24/7 have reported that nothing has happened to the real sign. Either way, the Hollywood sign represents the hopes and dreams of all those aspiring to be something more, and for Ke$ha to choose to make a mockery out of the sign, real or not, was a foolish decision and she should apologize. What do you think, real or awful PR stunt?
-Jay P-

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