Andrew Woods Interview

Below is my interview with Andrew Woods of the MTV hit reality series, The Real World. He's my favorite person this season and if you've been watching than you know why...he's hilarious!

Hello Andrew! Please tell us a little bit about yourself before the actual interview?
The annoying little brother that you love to hate, but secretly love...described twenty-one year old Andrew Woods. He is an individual, to say the least; this fun-loving, free spirit from the suburbs of Denver will say anything to get a rise out of people. Often spotted around town wearing a panda hat, Andrew is a local legend for his witty, often offensive, politically incorrect comics. He doesn't like being held down by rules, and as a result, has been fired from every job he's ever had. Despite the lack of filter between his brain and his mouth, don't be fooled - he's as sharp as they come. After being cheated on and dumped by his last serious girlfriend, Andrew heads to D.C a single man, looking to get with any girl who will say yes. But watch out ladies, one night with Andrew, and you may be the target of his next comic. (Bio courtesy of MTV.com)
How did you get casted on The Real World and how did you feel when you realized you were going to be on the show?
Well I'm not sure how I was casted, but I think they were looking for someone who was just passionate about art and wanted to jump into the DC art world. When they told me I was going to be a cast member I was so happy. I ran all over the place...then I took a look in the mirror and was like "If I'm gonna be on TV, I need to start working out!"
What was the most exciting part of being on the show?
Being in a new city, and meeting new people! I'm a pretty outgoing kind of guy, in case you haven't noticed...
A lot of people believe that parts of the show are scripted. Can you shed a little light on that?
I can see where maybe the editing makes it look set up or scripted, but its absolutely 100% real and unscripted. Its just 8 carefully picked people living together going through normal things. The beauty is in it's simplicity, so much can happen from so little.
Who were your favorite people in the house, and do you keep in touch with them still?
My favorite people were the guys because they were always down to party!!! I still keep in touch with everyone, were all pretty close friends. Mike lives in Colorado about 30 minutes from me, so I see him about once a week just to hang out.
When you watch the show back, is it awkward seeing yourself on TV?
Oh yeah! I am constantly criticizing myself on how I look or what I said, but then I look at the comments fans post online and they're always so positive it picks me up and makes this thing all worthwhile!
Do people recognize you in public more, and if so does that bother you?
People recognize me all the time probably because I still wear animal hats everywhere I go, but I don't mind....you don't sign up to be on reality TV if you don't want people to notice you.
I have to ask this question...Where can we get the panda hat? I know I want one!
I wish I knew! My dad bought those hats way before I was even born, he got them in Vail from this really great hat store. The company that made my hats is no longer in production from what I can tell. I'm working on a deal for the distribution of animal hats and flip-shades, so pretty soon you guys will be able to get "Andrew Approved" gear with special prices and perks (So don't go buying that stuff just yet!)
Now that the experience is over do you regret any choices you made, and are you happy that chose to go through with the show?
I can safely say that there are no regrets. I made the most out of my experience and never held back, and I'm really grateful to Burnim Murray Productions for giving me such a great opportunity!

Well that's the interview guys! I hope you enjoyed it. Make sure you catch Andrew every Wednesday night at 10pm EST on MTV. Want more though? Follow him on twitter at twitter.com/DrewbieRWDC, formspring.me/drewbierwdc or Andrew Woods Real World DC fanpage on facebook! I want to thank Andrew for taking the time to do the interview!
-Jay P-

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