Lady GaGa is Taking Over

Lady GaGa is still taking over! First the United States...then the world! Lady GaGa's album Fame Monster is close to being double platinum in the US, and was already certified as platinum world-wide. When I first heard of her, I expected her to be some mainstream artist that would have no originality ...I was completely wrong! Not only is Lady GaGa unique, she actually is a great singer. I'm on team GaGa and I can't wait to see just how big she gets!
-Jay P-

GaGa has gone diamond! Thanks to Malibu Mara for the update.


Andrew Woods Interview

Below is my interview with Andrew Woods of the MTV hit reality series, The Real World. He's my favorite person this season and if you've been watching than you know why...he's hilarious!

Hello Andrew! Please tell us a little bit about yourself before the actual interview?
The annoying little brother that you love to hate, but secretly love...described twenty-one year old Andrew Woods. He is an individual, to say the least; this fun-loving, free spirit from the suburbs of Denver will say anything to get a rise out of people. Often spotted around town wearing a panda hat, Andrew is a local legend for his witty, often offensive, politically incorrect comics. He doesn't like being held down by rules, and as a result, has been fired from every job he's ever had. Despite the lack of filter between his brain and his mouth, don't be fooled - he's as sharp as they come. After being cheated on and dumped by his last serious girlfriend, Andrew heads to D.C a single man, looking to get with any girl who will say yes. But watch out ladies, one night with Andrew, and you may be the target of his next comic. (Bio courtesy of MTV.com)
How did you get casted on The Real World and how did you feel when you realized you were going to be on the show?
Well I'm not sure how I was casted, but I think they were looking for someone who was just passionate about art and wanted to jump into the DC art world. When they told me I was going to be a cast member I was so happy. I ran all over the place...then I took a look in the mirror and was like "If I'm gonna be on TV, I need to start working out!"
What was the most exciting part of being on the show?
Being in a new city, and meeting new people! I'm a pretty outgoing kind of guy, in case you haven't noticed...
A lot of people believe that parts of the show are scripted. Can you shed a little light on that?
I can see where maybe the editing makes it look set up or scripted, but its absolutely 100% real and unscripted. Its just 8 carefully picked people living together going through normal things. The beauty is in it's simplicity, so much can happen from so little.
Who were your favorite people in the house, and do you keep in touch with them still?
My favorite people were the guys because they were always down to party!!! I still keep in touch with everyone, were all pretty close friends. Mike lives in Colorado about 30 minutes from me, so I see him about once a week just to hang out.
When you watch the show back, is it awkward seeing yourself on TV?
Oh yeah! I am constantly criticizing myself on how I look or what I said, but then I look at the comments fans post online and they're always so positive it picks me up and makes this thing all worthwhile!
Do people recognize you in public more, and if so does that bother you?
People recognize me all the time probably because I still wear animal hats everywhere I go, but I don't mind....you don't sign up to be on reality TV if you don't want people to notice you.
I have to ask this question...Where can we get the panda hat? I know I want one!
I wish I knew! My dad bought those hats way before I was even born, he got them in Vail from this really great hat store. The company that made my hats is no longer in production from what I can tell. I'm working on a deal for the distribution of animal hats and flip-shades, so pretty soon you guys will be able to get "Andrew Approved" gear with special prices and perks (So don't go buying that stuff just yet!)
Now that the experience is over do you regret any choices you made, and are you happy that chose to go through with the show?
I can safely say that there are no regrets. I made the most out of my experience and never held back, and I'm really grateful to Burnim Murray Productions for giving me such a great opportunity!

Well that's the interview guys! I hope you enjoyed it. Make sure you catch Andrew every Wednesday night at 10pm EST on MTV. Want more though? Follow him on twitter at twitter.com/DrewbieRWDC, formspring.me/drewbierwdc or Andrew Woods Real World DC fanpage on facebook! I want to thank Andrew for taking the time to do the interview!
-Jay P-


The Idol Girls

It was the girls time to shine this week on American Idol...and I think someone turned the lights off. The girls did not perform well at all in my opinion. I have to say that the best ones were Crystal and Katie. What were the judges hearing when they heard Katie singing? I played it back twice ..and I'm pretty sure there was only one note that was flat and it was only by a half-step at the most. We'll see what the people think. Hopefully the judges will be better tomorrow! Let me know what you thought.
-Jay P-


"Baby" Music Video

Check out Justin Bieber's brand new video for his hit single Baby . The video and song combo is pretty good. I'm not the biggest Bieber fan in the world but the song is pretty catchy. The song also features Ludacris. Let me know what you think!
-Jay P-


Paula Deen Gonna be Cookin' Up American Idol

American Idol is scheduled to have Paula Deen (yes the cook) as a guest judge. What does she know about music you ask? I have no clue. At first, when I saw this I didn't think that she'd be able to do it efficiently, but after seeing Ellen in action maybe we should give Paula a chance. I've already heard tons of negative comments saying that she is not qualified to be a judge and so forth. I think we should all just wait and see how she does when that time comes. Do "yall" agree.
-Jay P-


Willie Taylor "Sextape"

Make sure you go download Willie Taylor's mixtape Sextape. I've listend to most of it and it's great! You can download it, or just listen to it, at www.noviakmusic.com. Alos, if you haven't done so yet, check out my exclusive interview with Willie Taylor of Day 26 by clicking on the link to the right. If you've already listned to the mixtape let me know what you think by commenting or emailing me at johnpanichella@jayswag.com.
-Jay P-


We Are the World

Above is a remake of the song We Are the World . There is not much to say but to check it out. It's one of the most inspiritional things I've seen. I love seeing artists coming together and combining their talents for a good cause. We don't see that enough in todays world.
-Jay P-


I Got You

Check out Leona Lewis' just released music video for I Got You . The song/video combo is actually pretty good. It's funny, I was just talking with my friend earlier about how we haven't heard anything from Leona Lewis in a while. What do you think of the video?
-Jay P-


Rude Boy

Check out Rihanna's brand new video for Rude Boy . It's definitely creative, I'm just not sure if it fits her. I love Rihanna but this is not my favorite song, nor is it my favorite video of hers. It looks like something M.I.A. would do and it'd probably work a lot better with her. That's just my opinion. What do you think?
-Jay P-

R.I.P. Alexander McQueen

Shocking news! Fashion designer Alexander McQueen has committed suicide! He was found dead today at the young age of 40. His mother just passed away a few days ago and it has been about three years since one of his best friends, Isabella Blow, committed suicide as well. McQueen was scheduled to debut his new line of clothing in a few weeks at fashion week. Please keep his family in your prayers.
-Jay P-

Idol Group Week

Group week on American Idol is always the most dramatic part of the show. The contestants always seem to have so much trouble working with each other. After watching the episode, I noticed that there is a lot of talent this year. As of now, my favorite is definitely Andrew Garcia. Above are, in my oppinon, the two best groups from last night. Check them out and let me know what you think.
-Jay P-


Barbra Streisand Wants None of Vegas

Barbra Streisand was offered $100 million to make her new home Vegas. Apparently Vegas has been having trouble bringing in a crowd ever since Celine Dion left. Streisand declined the offer because she is planning on going on tour this summer. The 67-year-old singer proved she still had it in here when her album topped both Paramore and Mariah Carey in October. I think it's great that she's doing what she wants to do, and not just worrying about the money.
-Jay P-

How'd Ellen Do?

If you all watched American Idol last night, you noticed that it was the first week with Ellen DeGeneres as judge. I was pretty skeptical at first, but after seeing her for the first 10 minutes she kind of clicked. I think she's actually going to work. She adds a bit of humor to the show. As far as Hollywood week goes, the mother who sang Sober by Pink did great. Also, the last girl who sang Natural Women did amazing too! My favorite of the night was definitely the guy who sang the Paula Abdul song. He has so much originality and a great voice. I can't wait to see how far these three make it! How do you feel about Ellen, and who was your favorite last night?
-Jay P-


Angelo Logan

Jay Swag Entertainment News Blog is back and ready for the year! I want to thank Angelo Logan for designing my new layout. This kid knows exactly what he's doing and if he was able to put up with me and my stubbornness, he can put up with anybody. Make sure you check out his website www.angelologan.com, and www.solediction.com(where he is the editor-in-chief). He has even designed Diggy Simmons' blog! He is very affordable and I highly recommend him to any blogger out there looking for a custom layout.
-Jay P-

Current Movie Reviews

Are you looking for current movie reviews or information regarding sports, TV and more? If you are I highly recommend visiting www.iamrogue.com. The website offers reviews for some of today’s top movies such as Dear John and Avatar . This way, you can check out a great review before you decide whether or not you’re ready to fork over the cash to see the movie in theatres! You can also check out sports news and enter contests while you’re on the site. Overall the site is a great source for reviews and all things media related. When you’re done reading this post you should click on the link and make sure you give the site a try. Once you read a review I’m sure you’ll be reading more and getting your weekend movie plans straightened out.
–Jay P-
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Lil Wayne's Getting His Teeth Fixed

Lil Wayne was expected to be sentenced, formally, to a year in prison today, but what Lil Wayne wants, Lil Wayne gets. He was given an extension so he can...get his teeth fixed! That's right, Lil Wayne has oral surgery scheduled this Friday. Okay...so he will be sentenced Saturday or this upcoming week right? Wrong. He won't have to face the judge until March 2nd! I guess you get those kind of perks when you're a rap god. Do you think it's fair?
-Jay P-


Exclusive Interview with Willie Taylor

Hey everyone! Check out my exclusive interview with Willie Taylor of Day 26! Make sure you go to www.noivakmusic.com and download his mixtape Sextape when it comes out. Now, I experienced some technical difficulties with the recording that I have not faced before so please bare with me. I am going to try and have the written version of the interview up later this week but for now you should be able to understand most of this.
-Jay P-


Snooki's Done "Snookin"

Maybe Snooki won't need her own reality TV show after all. According to her, she's taken and she plans on introducing showing him off today at the Super Bowl. She said, "I am really excited to like show the public who he is. He is freaking banging. We're the sexiest couple I have ever seen in my entire life so I am excited for everybody to see that." Word is he works at a gym...no that's not a joke. Are you excited to see Snooki's new boy toy...or could you careless.
-Jay P-

Ke$ha Defaces the Hollywood Sign...Or Did She?

Yesterday a video surfaced in which Ke$ha and her friends defaced the "Hollywood" sign. They put letters over the sign so that it would read Keshawood. Ke$ha then proceeded to post the video on her You Tube account. Ever since the video surfaced there has been many talks about whether or not this is real or not. One source stated that it is impossible for this to happen and that the guards that watch the sign 24/7 have reported that nothing has happened to the real sign. Either way, the Hollywood sign represents the hopes and dreams of all those aspiring to be something more, and for Ke$ha to choose to make a mockery out of the sign, real or not, was a foolish decision and she should apologize. What do you think, real or awful PR stunt?
-Jay P-


S.O.S. Help for Haiti

Last night was the S.O.S. Help for Haiti telethon, which was hosted by Queen Latifah, Pharrell, and Diddy. The telethon was put together by actors, musicians, and other celebrities. Above is a performance by Chris Brown, which was one of my favorites of the night...and it wasn't even amazing. Unfortunately, the performances were not great at all. Despite that, the message is clear. Haiti needs our help and we can do so by donating. If you have not yet donated please do so. Every little bit counts.
-Jay P-


Is Weezy's Reign Over?

Lil' Wayne released his seventh studio album, Rebirth , this week, and he may not be too happy with sales. Compared to his last album, The Carter III, Rebirth is not doing to well at all. The Carter III brought in an amazing amount of 1 million dollars in its first week alone! At the rate that Rebirth is selling, it'll be lucky to rake in $200,000. Have you bought Wayne's new album? If you did I want to hear from you. Send your reviews to johnpanichella@jayswag.com.
-Jay P-


Leave It To Bieber

Teen heartthrob, Justin Bieber, will break into the world of acting this month. He will make an appearance in Nickelodeon's movie, School Gyrls, which premiers on February 21st at 7pm on Teen Nick. Teen girls everywhere will be tuning in I bet. Other celebrities that will appear in the movie are Pete Wentz and Angie Stone. Leave it to Bieber to try and become a jack of all trades. Hey, all I can say is good luck!
-Jay P-


Fall Out Boy Calls It Quits

The Popular band Fall out Boy is calling it quits for now. Pete Wentz released a post on his website saying,
"As much as I don't have a solo project, I also can't predict that I'd ever play in Fall Out Boy again. Not due to personal relationships as much as a band we grew apart. In this statement I'd like to include there is the possibility that fob will play again with out me or I will be a part of it when everyone is on the same page... ". Other members, such as Patrick Stump, have also released statements. They all mentioned that it was nothing personal and there is still a possibility that the band will continue on at a later time. In the meantime, we wish them the best of luck and hope they can work everything else. Are you sad to see FOB go?
-Jay P-


Nick Jonas and the Administration

Nick Jonas fan girls let out a scream everywhere today, as he released his debut album(without the other two), titled Who I Am. I've never been a fan of the Jonas Brothers, but I think it's great that he decided to do something different and be his own person. If you already got the album let me know what you think. I'd definitely like to interview him. I'll see what I can do.
-Jay P-

YouTube Artist of the Month

This month's You Tube Artist of the Month is Joey Diamond. He's definitely going places with his voice and his unique tone. Listen to his version of Chris Brown and Lil Wayne's hit song, I Can Transform Ya . You can find him at http://www.youtube.com/user/joeydiamond14 or www.joeydiamond.org .
-Jay P-


We Are the World Tributez

Last night was probably my favorite night of the year, the Grammys! I love seeing all the performances and the awards. Above is one of my favorite performances of the night. Make sure you check it out. It's the Michael Jackson We Are the World tribute. My second favorite performance was Mary J. Blige and Andrea Bocelli. How did you feel about all the winners? Comment or email me at johnpanichella@Jayswag.com, if you have any complaints, or felt that everything went perfectly.
-Jay P-