Hey everyone! My laptop is

Hey everyone! My laptop is not working. I'm going to try to fix it and be back as soon as possible! follow me on twitter for updates. -Jay P-


How You Doin'

Surprisingly, The Wendy Williams Show will be renewed through the 2011-2012 season. Wendy Williams, well known DJ, began her show with a low viewership, and has worked to gain a following. Congratulations to her on her success!
-Jay P-


New Mariah Carey!

Check out Mariah Carey's new video for, "I Want to Know What Love Is". I love Mariah Carey and I think the video is great! What do you think? Comment or email me at johnpanichella@jayswag.com
-Jay P-


EriAm Sisters Cover Halo!

Check out the EriAm Sisters performing Beyonce's Halo ! I still love the EriAm Sisters and will continue to provide coverage of their journey to fame. I think the girls did a great job on this song!
-Jay P-