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Okay...So I know I'm a little late with the post today but I've been extremely busy! I always make time to pick a blog of the week though! This weeks blog of the week is one of my favorites! Nees B Fly's blog is this weeks winner! Check out her blog by clicking Here!. Her blog covers many topics such as entertainment news, fashions, music, and more! (She's also a True Blood fan!)Her blog has been added to my blogroll and will remain on www.jayswag.com. Congratulations to Neesh b Fly! Check back next Sunday to see if your blog is the blog of the week!
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Adam Goldstein, better known as DJ AM has passed away at the age of 36, late Friday afternoon, August 28th. He was best known for being a celebrity DJ and having a relationship with Nicole Richie. Also, on September 19th, 2008, he survived a tragic plane crash with the former Blink 182 drummer Travis Barker. After an investigation it was concluded that DJ AM died of an over dose. R.I.P.
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The EriAm Sisters

If you follow me on Twitter you know that I am a big supporter of the EriAm Sisters. The sisters are currently competing on America's Got Talent and they are one of my favorite acts! I wanted to share with you, more information about them. The group consists of the three talented sisters, Haben(12), Salina(14), and Lianda(16). At their young age the sisters already have accomplished things that many can't even dream of doing. From performing at NBA games, to recording a studio album, the girls are living their dreams. Currently on America's Got Talent they have been recognized as a top act. Piers Morgan even called them the next Destiny's Child(that's a miracle in itself)! The sisters also have great taste in music,mentioning some of their favorite entertainers to be top artist like Alicia Keys and Christina Aguillera, but the youngest sister Haben says, "I love Mariah Carey, Celine Dion and Whitney Houston. But my older sisters Salina and Lianda are my favorite singers!" The EriAm Sisters enjoy not only singing and dancing, but writing their own songs. Their work ethic has been described as that of an adult and it has also been said that their talent shines through the music they make. I look forward to seeing how the EriAm Sisters grow into the next big thing. I hope their individuality will continue to be apparent in everything they do and their bond as not only a singing group, but sisters, remains strong. Hopefully after America's Got Talent I will get an interview with them! Congratulations to making it this far and good luck in whatever you do!
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Fall Out Boy Singer Arrested

The Fall Out Boy lead singer, Patrick Stump, was arrested last night in Hollywood. He had a traffic warrant issued for driving without a license in Beverly Hills. He was released at 4:30 am on a $15,000 bail. You can probably find the mugshot online if you want to see!
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Hancock 2

There's a sequel in the works! The action/comedy film Hancock , staring Will Smith, will have a sequel however plot details have not been released. It will be written by Adam Fierro and Glen Mazzara(writers for the hit series The Shield ). There is word that the original team that produced the first one will return to produce the sequel. I'm not sure what I think of this. I am one of the few people who thought the first one wasn't terrible...but I'm not sure a sequel is a good idea. Let me know what you think!
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Abdul's Got A Job

Paula Abdul will be hosting the upcoming special, Divas . The special airs on September 17th(VH1)and will feature performances by artists like Kelly Clarkson, Miley Cyrus, and Leona Lewis(just to name a few). Divas will share some of its proceeds with the Save the Music Foundation . It sounds like a great job for Abdul!...but I'd much rather see her return to Idol . Comment or email me with your thoughts at johnpanichella@jayswag.com.
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Check Out This Mess

See above for Heidi Montag/Pratt's performance at the Miss Universe Pageant! What a mess! What was she thinking? She lip-synced the whole song and her dancing was off point throughout most of the performance. I don't even know what to say about it...comment or email me with your thoughts at johnpanichella@jayswag.com
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Blog Of The Week

You all know what time it is! It's time for The Blog of the Week ! This weeks blog is Aramatic Ambiance, by Tammy. I'm really feeling this blog! First off, the banner is great(hook me up sometime Tammy)! The site also covers everything you can think of including news, fashion, and music. You must check her blog out. Once you do, I assure you that you will become a fan(I know I'm a fan) Congratulations! Tammy's blog has been added to my blogroll and maybe yours can be next! Check in next Sunday to find out who I choose as The Blog of the Week
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New Legends?

Are the Black Eyed Peas the next big thing? According to the charts they certainly are! The number one spot on Billboards as belonged to the Black Eyed Peas for the past 20 weeks! 1-12 was due to the single Boom Boom Pow , and weeks 13-20 was due to I Gotta Feeling . This makes for the longest stay on the Hot 100! The Black Eyed Peas hold the record over music icons like Michael, Elvis, and even The Beatles. So what do you think? Do they deserve to recognized as musical icons? Comment or email me with your thoughts at johnpanichella@jayswag.com!
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Celine Dion Pregnant

Celine Dion is pregnant with her second child! According to an article in the Journal de Montreal, the 41-year-old singer will be having her second child with husband Rene Angelil(with the help of fertility doctors in New York). Congratulations to Celine Dion and her husband!
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Dancing With The Stars Cast

After all the rumors we finally get to see the official cast of Dancing with the Stars and here they are! :
  • Macy Gray
  • Ashley Hamilton
  • Melissa Joan Hart
  • Kathy Ireland
  • Mya
  • Tom DeLay
  • Louie Vito
  • Aaron Carter
  • Chuck Liddell
  • Joanna Krupa
  • Natalie Coughlin
  • Michael Irvin
  • Donny Osmund
  • Debi Mazar
  • Kelly Osbourne
  • Mark Dacascos
  • Are you a Dancing with the Stars fan? If you are comment or email me with your thoughts on the cast! I have a comment though...isn't Mya a trained dancer?
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    Abdul May Return To Idol?

    Surprise Surprise. There is word that Paula Abdul wants back on American Idol and that she will happily return if the price is right. Sources are saying that her meeting with ABC didn't go to well and that she doesn't want to be a part of Dancing with the Stars. On top of all of this, Paula has decided that she is not going to do the Ugly Betty show and is mad at producers for leaking the story! I knew this would happen! Hopefully everything goes well and Paula does, in fact, return to American Idol
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    Blog Of The Week

    Hello everyone, it's that time again! Last week I started a new segment on Jay Swag called The Blog of the Week and the feedback was great, so I've decided to continue with it! Here's one last thank you to Jevon Smith and his blog Taste the Candy. If you haven't checked his blog out yet make sure you check it out! But now it's time for this weeks blog! The winner is Daniel's blog, The Swagg Life! Congratulations! Make sure everyone checks out his blog. He usually posts an article titled Outfit of the Day and I think it is so creative! Another thing I want to let everyone know is, if you are chosen as The Blog of the Week I will add you to my "Blogs I Check Out" list. That way, even after the post has gone off my home page, and your week is over, you will still be advertised! Make sure you check in next Sunday to see if your blog is The Blog of the Week
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    Jordin Sparks Is In The Circus

    American Idol winner, Jordin Sparks, really knows how to get her publicity(the right way!). Her sophomore album, Battlefield , was released in late July and she has been working hard to make it known. She just finished touring with the Jonas Brothers on there North American part of their world tour. Now, since that is over she needed something else to do. Why not tour with Britney Spears? Spears' blog confirmed that Jordin Sparks will be joining her on the Circus Tour . Jordin released this statement, "Britney's show is incredible and for me to be a part of it is a great opportunity." She is really working lately, I wonder what's next for Jordin Sparks!
    -Jay P-


    Mary J Blige To Be A Guest Judge

    Okay, without Paula, American Idol is going to be getting guest judges. The latest one is R&B superstar Mary J. Blige. She will be a guest judge at the American Idol auditions on Monday. So far we have Mary J, Victoria Beckham(Posh Spice), and Katy Perry is scheduled to be a judge sometime during auditions. Guest judges are great...but what about a permanent one? There wouldn't be all this trouble if someone just gave Paula what she's askin for!
    -Jay P-

    Mariah's Album Delayed...Again

    What's up with Mariah Carey? First, she cancels all her upcoming appearances and performances, and now she has once again pushed back her new album, Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel . The album will now be released on September 29th(for now at least). There is also word that she is just postponing her appearances until a later day, one that will compliment the release of her album. We'll see Mariah...we'll see.
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    Be Right Back!

    Jay Swag Entertainment News Blog is currently undergoing some changes in design. Please bare with us as things are going to look sloppy over the next few hours. Thank you.
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    Janet Jackson Picture Scam

    Recently, there was a photo(above) of Janet Jackson that was sent to people and was said to be used as promotional purposes for her new album...it's fake! Sources are saying that the picture was made by the same person who altered Beyonce's voice and gave it to Howard Stern. I'm not going to lie...the picture looks very convincing, but at the same time I saw the original and the face is exactly the same. Sorry Janet fans! Hopefully we will hear real news about her music sometime soon!
    -Jay P-


    "A Star Is In Your Midst"

    What is up with the lack of talent on America's Got Talent ? Last night, almost everyone got buzzed by Piers and I agreed with all of them! There were a few good acts, but not enough for me. My favorite act was The Voices of Glory (check them out above). They can use a little work still, but it's the little girl in the middle that carries the whole group! Her voice is amazing for her age and when they need a big singer they always have her. Sharon said it the best when she told the group that, "there is a star in your midst." Congratulations to The Voices of Glory ! I hope they make it through tonight. Who do you want to get through, comment or email me at johnpanichella@jayswag.com.
    -Jay P-


    Jennifer Hudson Has Her Baby!

    Sometime last night, August 10th, Jennifer Hudson gave birth to a baby boy! His name is David Otunga Jr., after his father. He weighed in at a healthy weight of seven pounds, fourteen ounces. Although Hudson and her fiance did not know the gender of the baby beforehand, they were prepared for either and had both pink and blue clothes. Congratulations Jennifer!
    -Jay P-


    MJ Tribute Concert

    Unfortunately, millions of fans never got to see the much anticipated Michael Jackson tour in London, but maybe this will make everyone happy. It has been announced that members of the Jackson family a planning a tribute concert to be held in a few weeks to a month or so. The concert will take place at The Schoenbrunn Palace in Vienna. It is supposedly going to consist of a "high-profile line up of international stars" Sounds exciting! I hope everything goes well and I can't wait to get the list of performers! Email me or comment with who you think has to perform. Johnpanichella@jayswag.com.
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    Blog Of The Week

    Hello everyone, Jay P here! I am going to start a new segment on this website called, The Blog of the Week . Recently, I have been checking out other people's blogs and seeing what makes theirs unique. Those that I like, will be posted on Jay Swag for guys to check out(if you'd like). This weeks blog is titled, Taste the Candy by Jevon Smith. The blog discusses fashion, his life, music, and his other areas of interest. Check out his blog by clicking here. I hope you guys like the new feature and make sure you check in next week on Sunday to find out if your blog is the Blog of the Week!
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    Aubrey O'Day Is Back

    Aubrey O'Day of Danity Kane recently released her not so new, not so hot single, Party All The Time . It samples the 1980 song of the same name. I'm not fan, but maybe you like this sort of thing? Comment me and let me know what you think of the song.
    -Jay P-

    Yung Joc's Third Album...Free!

    The Grammy nominated artist, Yung Joc, will be releasing his third album and it will be a gift to his fans! The artist has not released an album since 2007 and released this statement, "Fans all over the world have been eagerly waiting for me to release a new album and I felt the time was right at this very moment to release Grind Flu for free, gift it it to my fans and do things my way." By the way, the first single of the album will be titled, Grind Flu , as well. The album will be available on August 11, 2009, through his website, http://www.swaggteament.com/. Be sure to download your free copy! Thanks Yung Joc!
    -Jay P-


    Miley's Stalker

    Miley Cyrus was granted a temporary restraining order on her stalker Mark McLeod. The 53 year old was was caught snooping around the set of Miley's new movie, The Last Song . What's interesting about her restraining order? It blocks him from all normal means of communication...and he has been blocked from her Twitter account! What a creep! Hopefully Miley remains safe. Even if you are not a fan that is scary! Speaking of Twitter, if you're not following Jay Swag you should! www.twitter.com/officialjayswag.
    -Jay P-

    Mariah Performs Live

    So here it is! Mariah Carey's live performance of her hit single, Obsessed . If you didn't see it check it out, if you did see it, what did you think? I'm going to be honest and say she didn't do her best but it was definitely an improvement over the Michael Jackson Memorial performance. A lot of people have been saying that the studio version is playing the whole time...how is that possible? She did a completely different arrangement, come on people stop hating on Mariah! Here's the fact that people don't want to admit. Since Mariah cannot sing how she once did, many people say all her performances are bad and/or that she lip syncs. The fact is, for the strain her voice has taken, the performance above was not all that bad! Oh yea! Was anyone else disappointed that Mariah didn't dis Eminem on live TV? I was! Send me your thoughts, johnpanichella@jayswag.com.
    -Jay P-


    Paula Leaves Idol

    It's official! Paula Abdul Tweeted last night saying, "With sadness in my heart, I've decided not to return to Idol. I'll miss nurturing all the new talent, but most of all being a part of a show that I helped from day one become an international phenomenon." Of course, when you release a statement over twitter, no one knows if it's official. In this case however, Fox , also released a statement saying, "Paula Abdul has been an important part of the American Idol family over the last eight seasons and we are saddened that she decided not to return to the show. While what Paula will not be continuing with us, she's a tremendous talent and we wish her the best." I, for one, am disappointed that Paula will be leaving the show and I believe that the show will suffer from her absence. Kara who?
    -Jay P-


    Whitney Gets What She Wants

    The world is talking about Whitney Houston's upcoming album and people are excited. Good Morning America has Whitney scheduled to perform on their show, but they ran into a problem... 7:30am is to early for her. That's right, Whitney Houston will not perform that early, and so her performance will have to be prerecorded. Wow! Good Morning America said they couldn't say no to her because she is a legend and they are "so happy to have her". If she is really going to prerecord her performance, it better at least be good!
    -Jay P-