Mariah VS. Eminem

If you've seen Mariah Carey's new video for Obsessed , than you know that she really was trying to dis Eminem. She even went as far as dressing up like him!(see above) Eminem stated that the two had a relationship for 6-7 months and Mariah denies it saying that he is just "obsessed" with her. Nick Cannon got involved saying things about how Eminem was disrespecting Mariah and things just became a huge mess. Well, it looks like things just started! Check out Eminem's Warning below! Click the link. Please be aware that there is a lot of explicit language...but you already knew that since it is Eminem we're talking about. Eminem definitely wins this round! If you thought Mariah put him on blast in her video, you need to listen to what he says about her!
-Jay P-

Are The Pussycat Dolls Breaking Up?

Well group member Ashley Roberts sure thinks so. Last night, she broke down in front of fans at a London hotel. According to another source she said, "This is the last time we'll be in the UK as a band. We've broken up. We're sorry." Sounds like a case closed, right?...Wrong. A rep for the group is saying that they are still together. Maybe when Nicole says the group is breaking up I'll believe it. Which one is Ashley anyway?
-Jay P-


The "Other" Jackson?

I had been hearing a lot of talk about Michael Jackson's mystery child/protege, Omar Bhatti. I didn't want to post anything, just in case it was all rumors, but in the above video Joe Jackson says that Michael did have another son. Of course, we all know that Joe Jackson isn't really a credible source. Joe Jackson is the only one saying that Omar is Michael's son. What's going on here?
-Jay P-


A Familiar Tune?

What's up with this!? Kelly Clarkson's song, Already Gone , sounds very familiar to Beyonce's hit song, Halo . Many fans are outraged that the music in Clarkson's song is extremely close to Halo . Clarkson is even going as far to blame it on Ryan Tedder of One Republic. She says that he worked on Already Gone and could've possible used the same music as Halo . What's even more fishy? Ryan Tedder worked on Halo as well! Something doesn't seem right here. Do you think he was being lazy and didn't feel like making a new tune for Clarkson? Or do you think this is just a big coincidence? Email me, comment me, whatever, just let me know what you think! johnpanichella@jayswag.com.
-Jay P-

Joe and Camilla Call it Quits

One Jonas is getting married, while another is moving on. Joe Jonas and Camilla Belle are officially over(one of Belle's rep confirmed this). A few days ago while singing Much Better , Joe changed the lyrics from, "Get a rep for breakin' hearts, now I'm done with superstars," to "Get a rep for breakin' hearts, now I'm done with movie stars." Belle's rep also went on to say that, "...they care deeply about each other and will remain friends."...I'll believe it when I see it.
-Jay P-


"Love King" To Be The Dreams Last Album

The Dream has announced that his third studio album, Love King , will be his last. The popular singer/songwriter/producer stated that he will, however, continue to write and help produce music for other artist. Also, he will be feature on other songs. On top of this he is also working with MTV to have a reality show focused on finding aspiring singers, along with developing his clothing line, Millionaire Love Affair . So just because his solo career is over, I am sure we will still be hearing from The Dream.
-Jay P-


Idol Death

Alexis Cohen, who became infamous after she auditioned for American Idol twice, was found dead on Saturday at Seaside Heights, NJ. Cohen was struck by Daniel Bark, who was convicted with reckless driving and leaving the scene of the accident. Currently his bail is set at $35,000 and can face up to 15 years in prison.
-Jay P-


I'm Back!

That's right! I'm back from vacation and ready to work. Let me just say that the shore was great! I had such a good time just hanging out with family and not worrying about anything. But now that I'm back I'm going to be working more than ever to get you more celebrity interviews. Along with this, there will be some new features that I am going to be working on, and testing with Jay Swag. For starters, I am currently working with someone to make a brand new layout for Jay Swag! I can't wait for everything to be finished. Little by little you will notice things changing and I want all of your input on the changes. I am looking forward for my productive streak to start here and I hope all of you are too!
-Jay P-


Chris Brown finally apologizes after

Chris Brown finally apologizes after pleading guilty to assaulting Rihanna. I did'nt buy his very "scripted" apology. Sorry Chris. =]
-Jay P-


Best Performance

If you watched America's Got Talent tonight than you already saw the amazing performance above by Kelli Glover. If not, than you HAVE to Listen to her sing her heart out on stage. I hope you enjoy this performance as much as I did! It's people like her that show that America really does have talent.
-Jay P-


Daddy's Girls Are Back

Although tonight is the season finale of the MTV reality show, Run's House, we will be seeing more of the family in August. The spin-off series Daddy's Girls will premiere its second season, and this time the girls are moving in to their own house. Get ready for the Simmons Girls to take all the spotlight from their family on August 11th!
-Jay P-


RiRi's New Album to be Amazing

People are beginning to talk about Rihanna's upcoming album...and it's big! The word at Def Jam is that Rihanna will be working with a whole group of artist including, but not limited to Kanye West, Justin Timberlake, and Jay Z! There are also talks that there will be a few duets on the album. The word was that there was supposed to be a duet with Chris Brown but was cancelled. Rihanna is also supposedly going for a different sound on this album. I can't wait to hear more about the album! Are you excited for Rihanna's new album, comment me!
-Jay P-

What A Great Performance

Co-Writer of The Man in the Mirror, Siedah Garret, gives us a heartfelt performance of the song at a church service. Check it out above!
-Jay P-


Morgan Freeman's "Secret" Romance

Morgan Freeman's secret relationship has been exposed. A source revealed to National Enquirer.Morgan Freemen plans to marry his...step-granddaughter E'Dena? Is that legal? According to the Enquirer their relationship has been going on for close to a decade. A family source stated that, "Morgan has led her to believe that he wants to marry her," and that," Becoming Mrs. Morgan Freeman has been E'Dena's goal." What's even odder is that Freeman and his wife, who he is currently divorcing, raised E'Dena from the time she was just a child. Morgan Freeman is 72-years-old and E'Dena is 27. Do you agree? Email me, comment me, i don't care, just share your thoughts!
-Jay P-


Enjoy Some Of The Tribute

Today was a day dedicated to celebrating the life of Michael Jackson, the life of a musical genius, the life of a father, and the life of the greatest entertainer to have ever lived. Above are some of the performances dedicated to Michael Jackson at his memorial service. I am sure most of you saw the service earlier today. I hope the service helped you reflect on his legacy and impact on the music industry. However, it is important to remember he was more than this. His daughter, Paris, spoke for as long as she could saying how great of a father he was. If only people could have shown him this much love and respect while he was a live. This will be my final post about Michael Jackson. Lets allow him to rest in peace, and allow his family to have time to mourn their loss and celebrate his life all at once. Rest in peace.
-Jay P-


Michael Jackson Tribute

The tribute event for Michael Jackson is sure to be a star studded one. The Jackson Family released a list of people who will appear at the event including, but not limited to, Mariah Carey, Jennifer Hudson, Usher and Stevie Wonder. The event will broadcast tomorrow on pretty much all local stations. Make sure you watch it!
-Jay P-


The Last Footage Of Michael Jackson!

The footage above is believed to be the last footage of Michael Jackson. It took place two nights before his death and was taken during his dress rehearsal. It looks like the tour would've been great!
-Jay P-

Oldest Jonas Engaged

The oldest Jonas Brother is officially engaged to Danielle Deleasa. The Jonas family released a statement,"Our hearts are filled with joy today and we are happy to share with you that our son Kevin has asked Danielle Deleasa for her hand in marriage. Her answer was yes and it is such a blessing that she will be joining our family. Kevin and Danielle have not yet set a date. Family is very dear to us and we hope we have raised Kevin to be a wonderful man and husband. Please join us in our families celebration and in congratulating Kevin and Danielle. Thank you for all of your support." Congratulations to Kevin and Danielle and good luck with their future life together. I'll keep you guys posted when more information is released.
-Jay P-