Exclusive D. Woods Interview

I was recently lucky enough to conduct an interview with D. Woods, former member of the platinum pop group, Danity Kane and now a solo artist. I have listened to some her music and it is great, you need to check it out! I will put her Myspace link at the end of the interview!

I want to focus on your new career path but first, is Danity Kane officially over and would you be interested in a possible reunion?
I can only speak on my status with the group and as everyone witnessed on Making the Band, I was told I was not wanted in the group any longer.
Do you keep in touch with any of the members of Danity Kane and how are relationships with them if you do?
My relationships with my former group members are the same as they were while I was in the group.

This will be the last question regarding Danity Kane. Dawn stated her opinion on Making the Band 4, of why Danity Kane ended. What do you
personally think the problem was?
There were many problems beginning from the very start of the group being formed. There was no real foundation and organization for the group's success put in place, and although we were able to achieve success in spite of the many hurdles and booby traps it wasn't enough to ensure longevity. The intentions of the company also played a big role. It was a long-standing decision to work on Dawn's solo project however it wasn't handled or presented in the best way. That only added to the tension and deterioration of trust amongst us five; divide and conquer tactics.

I listened to your new song "On My Side" and I think it's hot! How do you like working solo and how are things going?

Things are better than ever! It’s a great feeling to be able to create and be appreciated for my talent. It's something I’ve been missing for the last 2 albums. I'm collaborating with some great producers. Soundz is the producer of this particular song "On My Side". It's fun again and that energy always provides a platform for the best material to come out
How would you describe the "new" D. Woods to someone who has never heard you before?

I would say the D.Woods audiences will see she has always been in existence, however, whether you know who I am or not you will be enlightened and see something you never knew was there. I was only able express myself and my personality through my hair cut and my sneakers, but I am pushing the envelope now with the music I am creating and I am very performance driven. The music will automatically paint a picture in your head and when I perform you'll see that picture come to life.

If you could collaborate with any other artist who would you choose and why?

I have a grocery list of people with ideas for each of them, but my top two are Andre 3000 and Pink! Why? It's pretty obvious don't you think
What are your new goals and how are you planning to achieve them?
My main goal is to continue to put material out in the atmosphere and inspire audiences, hopefully expand my audience and look cute while doing it, lol! I am also going on castings for television and film projects, as well as continue to perform and grow on stage.
Who are your biggest inspirations and what is your favorite song right now?

My mother is a huge influence. I get my drive from her and other things (if you get what I mean, lol). But I can pull inspiration from all kinds of sources, I watch "Pursuit of Happyness" with Will Smith and I'm inspired to never give up. I go to a club and see some people in a dance battle and I'm ready to jump in, I see one of my favorite artists, Janet Jackson, and she is gracious enough to speak to me and give me advice and you cant imagine what that does for me. I must say my favorite two songs of 2009 so far are "Prom Queen" by Lil Wayne and co-written by my Girls Club partner Shanell! and Jamie Foxx's "Blame It on the Alcohol"

There are many factors that need to be considered when being a successful musician such as tone, originality, style and even fans. In your experience, what do you think important is and how has it affected your career?
I feel all that is important, but confidence is the most crucial. There are sooooo many haters and so many opinions; if you don't have a sense of self you'll be searching for what’s right and changing your mind and direction with each comment on the blog sites. How do you build confidence? By knowing. And how will one know unless they work on all the things you mentioned that are a factor in an artists' craft. After I do the work I know I need I'm confident to go out and get a team in place who believes in me and together we take my career to the next level.
Being an accomplished musician yourself, what advice can you give to those who want to break into the music industry?

I would just say refer back to my last comment. Especially as a new artist, you must do the ground work before anything can happen. You don't want to get to be in this industry without a good foundation.


Hope you enjoyed the interview. Thanks D. Woods!

-Jay P-

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