It's Over According to Dawn

So, last season we saw that Aubrey O'Day and D.Woods, were dismissed from Danity Kane. People wondered what would happen to remaining members of Danity Kane, would they be reunited, would they split up? Well, the answer is here. Dawn Richards, who spoke the truth at the meeting with Diddy, last season, once again spoke the truth. In a recent interview posted on MTV.com she says "As of right now, Danity Kane doesn't exist." She also says that Diddy invited all of the members back and only two showed up, Dawn and Andrea. "It changes our situation completely," she said. "We have fans out there who love Danity Kane. We love Danity Kane. It's hard. We're sitting here trying to make sense of it now. It's hard. We're put in this position that we didn't ask to be in and we're being told to fix it." Hopefully Danity Kane can get over their Damage . She did say "as of now", which means that their may be a possibility of a reunion later, however I'd be surprised if it were any time soon. Watch it unfold on-screen on, February 12th. Good luck DK! -Jay P-


It's Here!

Jazmine Sullivan - Lions, Tigers & Bears

Jazmine Sullivan's HOT NEW video is here! The "Lions, Tigers, and Bears", video premiered today on her Myspace page! I love it, and it just proved to me that she is a great artist! What do you think of it? You know the drill by know Johnpanichella@Jayswag.com.
-Jay P-

Swifty New Clothes

Country singing, Taylor Swift, is now going fashion designer. The 19-year-old, American Idol will be creating her very own line of sundresses to be sold at Wal-Mart. The dresses will be available nation wide begging on February 1st.
"It's fun to find great clothes that are affordable, so hopefully fans will be happy to see my sundresses at Wal-Mart.", says Taylor. She also says that she loves sundresses and was excited to create her own line with jean maker l.e.i. I think it's good that celebrities are trying to make nice clothes for good prices, clothes are getting way to expensive! -Jay P-


Lions, Tigers, And Bears!

Jazmine Sullivan - Lions, Tigers & Bears [Snippet]

Check out this snippet from Jazmine Sullivan's new video "Lions, Tigers, and Bears! This exclusive snippet was released on her myspace with a message saying "Check back tomorow for the full video!" What do you think of her video? I love it so far! Make sure you catch Jaz performing on Good Morning America, on Monday February 2nd.

-Jay P-

Idol Update!

That's right, it's time for an "Idol Update"! Honestly, I did not get to watch most of it, so I'm not sure whats going on! Want to fill me in..johnpanichella@jayswag.com! I do know that there was one contestant, I think her name was Julissa. She was okay, but the interesting part was judge, Paula Abdul, was upset because the other judges did not pay attention to her. The usually quiet Paula mentioned that since there are four judges now, they seem to forget everybody. Does Paula have a problem with the new judge, Kara!? Overall, there was only 19 people who made it through to Hollywood last night...that's pretty bad! Hopefully the next city can step their game up. -Jay P-


Angie's New Style: Hit Or Miss

So Angelina Jolie has a new style!...I didn't say that was a good thing. This blue dress was worn to the SAG awards, while the silky silver dress was seen at the Critics' Choice Awards. Angelina has said that she is dessing for "comfort". I think that there should be a medium though! Her "fashion" is defintely a...hit or miss and unfortuantely with me its a miss! Comments? Thoughts? Do you disagree? Email me at johnpanichella@jayswag.com -Jay P-

Jason Merritt/Getty Images


Dakota FANGing


Young actress, Dakota Fanning may be joining the cast of "Twilight"! Although its being kept quiet, Dakota did confirm that she is talking with directors to play the part of Jane. Dakota fanning told hitflix.com "It's deffintely possible...It would be a really fantastic experience, I'm sure". So what do you think, answer below.
-Jay P-


Big Screen Premier

Warner Bros will bring a new movie to the big screen! Guess what it is...Tom and Jerry? Yes, Tom and Jerry will become CG characters and show everyone how they met. I'm sure it will be something like Alvin and the Chipmunks, or Garfield. Who knows maybe the movie wont be that bad. Apparntly Warner Bros is also workin on a Jetson's movie and a Yogi Bear movie too. Sounds like Warner Bros is pushing it don't you think? -Jay P-

Check It!

Above is Leona Lewis' new offical video to her song "I Will Be". The video features Chace Crawford. Leona's looking good in the vid! What do you think about it? Email thoughts to Johnpanichella@jayswag.com.

-Jay P-


Making The Band...Again

One of MTV's most popular reality series is back! Making the Band 4 Season 4 will air in the United States on Thursday, February 12th. This season will feature Day 26, Donnie, and the reamaining members of Danity Kane. This season will also determine Danity Kane's future.
Rumors are stirring that they will find replacements for Aubrey and D.Woods. Other people are saying that they will return to Dainty Kane, however this is unlikely since D. Woods is working with another group "The Girls Club", and Aubrey is working on her solo album. Only time will tell, so make sure you tune in to MTV on February 12th! -Jay P-


One Country One People

I hope you're watching today's historic event either by actually being there or through the television, I know I am! I am going to be writing my thoughts, and updates all day, as long as nothing unexpected happens. So make sure you check back every so often and look for updates. I can't wait to hear Obama's speech. Although he has a writer, Obama took the speech written for him 2 months ago, and changed it to make it his own. Barack Obama is probably one of the most inspirational writers and speakers we have seen as our President in a long time.

8:47, Barack and Michelle departing from the Blair House, guest house of the White House, for a church service.

8:50, Riding in style,a stunning Barack and Michelle Obama arrive at the private prayer service at St. John's Churche, also known as the "Church Of The Presidents" Michelle and Barack Obama wave to the people as the enter.

9:24, While we wait for more news I just want to share a song with you. I don't know if you heard it but either way it is a great song.

9:48, Barack and Michelle Obama depart from the prayer service. Once again supporters scream and call out their names. They are now on their way to the White house to have coffee with the Bushs

9:52, Vice President-Elect, Joe Biden, and his wife, arrive and enter the White House.

9:54, Barack and Michelle Obama exit the presidential limo and are greeted by Mr. and Mrs. Bush. Michelle Obama gives a gift to them. Now they go in to share coffee.

10:07, Hillary Rodham Clinton, will NOT be confirmed as the Secretary of State, at least not today.

10:44, First Lady, Laura Bush and soon to be First Lady, Michelle Obama, enter a limo and make their way to Capitol Hill. Vice President, Dick Cheney and Vice President-Elect Joe Biden, enter a separate limo now and also make their way to Capitol Hill. Finally, President George W. Bush and President-Elect, Barack Obama leave the white house and enter the motorcade and are on their way to meet everyone at Capitol Hill.

10:51, We find out that Laura Bush's gift from Michelle Obama was a writing pen, and journal with today's date engraved on it, so she can write her memoirs and write about the next chapter in her life.

11:00, The First Ladies, Vice President and Vice President-Elect, and President and President-Elect all arrive at the capitol and prepare for the inauguration.

11:03, The Supreme Court is announced in.

11:19, The former Presidents and their wives are announced and enter to take their seats.

11:26, Michelle Obama's, mother and Barack and Michelle Obama's two daughters enter and take their seats. The two girls look incredibly mature!

11:27, First Lady, Laura Bush, is announced.

11:32, Michelle Obama is announced and takes her seat, once again looking great.

11:35, President, George W. Bush, and Vice President, Dick Cheney are announced and take their seat.

11:39, Vice President-Elect, Joe Biden, is announced.

11:42, President-Elect BARACK OBAMA is announced!

11:45, The inauguration officially begins!

11:53 Aretha Franklin, 21 time Grammy winner, sings "My Country Tis Of Thee" and what a great job she does!

11:57, Vice President-Elect Joe Biden begins his swearing in, administered by John Paul Stevens. He now is the first Catholic Vice President.

11:59, Instrumentalist perform a piece called "Air and Simple Gifts", put together just for the inauguration.

12:00, President Bush's administration expires

12:06, Barack Obama now becomes our 44th President, President Barack Obama! His oath was administered by Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, John Roberts.

12:26, Obama just finished his approximately 20 minute inaugural address, one word WOW! His inaugural address just proves what a great orator and writer he is. He made it known that there will be hard times ahead, but he is ready to take them on. He used our countries past highlights to show that we can, once again overcome the troubles that face us now. The speech overall was a powerful speech and it flowed nicely, ending with a quote from George Washington.

12:39, The ceremony is now finished. Time for the Inaugural Balls!

So it's over now and I just want to wish our 44th President, Mr. Barack Obama, the best of luck. Today history has truely been made. "We the people", have finally become united. The words "African American", can go hand and hand now. Today, Martin Luther King Jr's great "Dream", has become a reality. May people be judged by the content of their character and no longer by the color of their skin! God bless America.

-Jay P-


J. Hud. Is Back!

Jennifer Hudson is back! She will be performing at the Grammys, where she has been nominated for four awards! She will also be singing the national anthem at the February 1st Super Bowl. I know she's ready to come back and show us what shes got! Can't wait to see what song she chooses to sing at the Grammys. It's nice to have her back, don't you agree? -Jay P-

The Secret Is Out!

I Knew they wouldn't be able to keep it a secret! Beyonce will be singing Etta James' classic "At Last", a great song for Barack and Michelle to share their first dance to. The title alone has such a strong meaning that can relate to tomorrow's historic inauguration. "At Last", at last "we the people", actually become one "people". The actual singing will take place during the neighborhood ball, one of the ten official inaugural balls taking place tomorrow. I wish I could have went to one! -Jay P-


No Award For Perry

On Saturday Katy Perry recieved the International Song Of The Year Award, at France's NRJ Music Awards. She received the award for her worldwide hit, "I Kissed A Girl", apparntly the world "Didn't like it", because at the end of the show they took the award away from her? The host announced that there was a mistake and Perry was not the winner. The winner was Rihanna for her hit single, "Disturbia". Hopefully they give Katy Perry a consolation prize, how embarassing? -Jay P-


Youth Inaugural Ball

Kanye West, Kid Rock, and Fall Out Boy! All three are scheduled to perform at the Youth Inaugural Ball for Barack Obama. If you did not get tickets don't worry, the Inaugural Ball will be aired on MTV so you can see the exclusive performances across the world. The show airs at 10:00p.m. EST. Make sure you catch the historic moment on Tuesday, as Barack Obama becomes our first African American President. Good luck to him and his family. -Jay P-


And The Lucky One Is...

BEYONCE! Yes, Beyonce will be singing at Obama's inauguration. The song choice however is unknown,and the inaugural committee wants to keep it that way. "It is our hope that we can keep the song secret until the moment", said a spokeswoman. The Inaugural Ball will be broad casted on ABC. I wonder what song she will be singing? Knowing the media they won't be able to keep it secret. Anyway, I think Beyonce is a great choice. Want to share ideas about what song she should do, email them to Johnpanichella@jayswag.com. -Jay P-


New Feature!

Want to advertise on Jayswag.com? Well good news, we now offer cheap ad space. You can purchase ads through the drop-down menu below. If you would like more information about ads before purchasing, send your questions to Advertise@jayswag.com. Ad's will stay up for 10 days, for the standard rates mentioned. Longer periods of time can be arranged, however it will be at a higher cost. If you plan on purhcasing ad space, you MUST email me first at Advertise@jayswag.com, with the image and details. Thank you! -Jay P-

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Time For An Idol Update

Time for a weekly Idol update! If you watched last night and/or the night before please answer the poll in the post before this one. So what did you guys think? I liked Jason Castro's brother a lot more than I liked Jason. The guy whose wife passed away did really good too. I can see him going far, and definitely the girl who went last! She had a great voice and I wouldn't be surprised if she won the competition, or made it to at LEAST the final four. Lots of talent from Kansas. If you have any comments make sure you email them to me at johnpanichella@jayswag.com! -Jay P-


American Idol

So question of the day..."Did you see American Idol?" I've been hearing that question all day and my answer was, yes! So how many of you watched? What did you think? I thought that some of the singers were really good, and still some of them not so much. I have to be honest, The bikini girl was not that good, she was okay but the judge impressed me, she was DEFFINITELY better than her. You have to admit, shes smart for wearing a bikini though. The girl who sang Barracuda impressed me and I can see her going far. There was also a young girl, I think she was 16, I can't remember her name but I liked her too! We'll just have to wait and see, hope you watch tonight. Answer the poll below please. -Jay P-


Finally Ready!

Welcome to the BRAND NEW JAYSWAG.COM. Look around, and while you are here you should subscribe to my site by entering your email address to the right and you can also sign up for mobile alerts, where I will personally have txt's sent out letting you guys know exlusive info. Still not sure when i'm goin to start sending them or what EXACTLY is goin to be on them but I would still sign up for them! Standard messeging rates apply. -Jay P-

Season 3 ABDC

Americas Best Dance Crew is back with season 3! The new season will premier on Thursday, January 15th at 10pm est. The show will feature the same familiar faces from Season One and Two, JC Chasez, Shane Sparks and Lil' Mama. Auditions took place in Atlanta, GA, Austin, TX, Miami, FL, St. Louis, MO, Washington DC/Baltimore, MD, San Francisco, CA, New York, NY, and finally Los Angelos, CA. Gonna be honest, I only watched the first season. Just like every other MTV show the first season was good, the second I just couldn't get into. We'll see what happens with the third season! Are you going to watch? -Jay P-


Lady GaGa Tour

Lady GaGa, whose song "Just Dance" is currently number 1 on the billboard hot 100, will be opening up for the Pussycat Dolls overseas. Shouldn't tit be the other way around!? Lady GaGa can deffintely sing better than The Pussycat Dolls..Nicole..since she is the only one who sings in that group! Anyway, during March and April Lady GaGa will be coming to America and start her first U.S. tour! Where is she going? Find the full list at www.perezhilton.com. -Jay P-


No Love: Winehouse Divorce

Amy Winehouse is getting a divorce. Henri Bradmen, Blake Fielder-Civil's lawyer, was asked by Blake to speed up the divorce process after Amy was seen cheating with a 21 year old guy on her vacation. According to a British Paper Winehouse said she had "Forgotten I'm even married". Winehouse also said that their "whole marriage was based on drug use". Hopefully Fergie has better luck than Winehouse did. -Jay P-

Just Married

The duchess, Fergie, and Josh Duhamel were officially married on Saturday. They were married in Malibu, California. It is reported that Fergie wore a Dolce and Gabanna dress. No information on the party, or guest but I am sure it was a star studded event! Congrats to Fergie and Josh. -Jay P-


I Kissed A Girl...

And I liked it! Well, actually I liked this video! Everyone please support my friend Jessica Sanchez by clicking on the banner below and then pressing the vote button! Thanks alot! Your click is needed to help Jessica win this contest, so start clicking! -Jay P-



New Clarkson!

Kelly Clarkson's new album covered has been released! The album's release date is set for March 17th and her single "My Life Would Suck Without You" will be releasing in the near future. Pre-order her album on amazon.com. Soo what do you think of the cover? (photo from justjared.com)-Jay P-


Speaking of nominations...

Chris Brown was also nominated by the NAACP for "Outstanding Male Artist"! Also you can catch him on the 35th anual peoples choice awards on CBS at 9pm est. Thats all!
-Jay P-

Surgeon Arrested

The surgeon who opperated on Kanye West's mother has been arrested...not for what you think though. He was arrested for drunk driving. He pleaded no contest last June to the DUI and has been sentenced to a year in jail. More information found at the associated press and Usmagazine.com -Jay P-
(Picture from Usmagazine)

Jazmine Sullivan: Another Nomination

I'm sure most of you know, but incase you did not Jazmine Sullivan was nominated for FIVE GRAMMYS! The nominations include "Best Traditional R&B Perfomance", "Best Female R&B Performance", "Best R&B Song", "Best R&B Album"and "Best New Artist"! Make sure you tune in on February 8th 2009 to see which one, if not all, grammys Jazmine Sullivan can win! Today her official myspace page posted saying that Jazmine had now been nominated for "Outstanding New Artist" by the NAACP Image Awards. Make sure you catch Jazmine tomorow morning at 12:35am on "The Late Show With Craig Ferguson". Seven days in to the new year and she is already the artist to watch out for, I knew it! If you haven't checked her out ( I don't know why you wouldn't have!) make sure you do so at www.myspace.com/jazminesullivan -Jay P-

Leona Lewis Biography

Top charting artist, Leona Lewis, will be writing an autobiography about her rise to super stardom . The book will discuss how she went from Pizza Hut waitress to being discovered and winning X-Factor. The book should be released close to the time that her sophomore album is released. Will you buy? -Jay P-


"Daddys Girls"

MTV has become known for its reality TV shows. Most of them are the same, or they get old very quickly. One show that holds my attention every time it comes on is "Runs House". I don't know how many of you have seen "Runs House", but if you haven't you really should. Anyway, tonight at 10:30pm eastern time, "Daddys Girls", will premier on MTV. If you watched the show you will know that Rev Run's daughters, Angela and Vanessa Simmons, moved out from "Runs House" to live their own life in Los Angeles. I wonder what shows will get more views, "Bromance" or "Daddys Girls". I know which one I'm watching do you? -Jay P-

Jett Travolta's Death Caused By Seizure

The autopsy has concluded that Jett Travolta did in fact die from a seizure. "The body was in great condition and showed no sign of head trauma", says the funeral home. This statement contradicting what police reports saying that he suffered from a blow to the head. According to TMZ the body is in route to the airport, and is being prepared to be flown back to Florida. Our prayers are with the Travolta family. -Jay P-

Jason Mraz Video Premier

I do not own the video

Jason Mraz's new video featuring Colbie Caillat. Nothing special but deffinately not the worst video I've seen. What do you think?
-Jay P-


John Travolta And Kelly Preston Statement

John Travolta and Kelly Preston have given an "official statement". The official statement was posted on both of their official websites. Just incase the stites are slow due to traffic, below is the statement:

"We would like to extend our deepest and most heartfelt thanks to everyone who has sent their love and condolences. Jett was the most wonderful son that two parents could ever ask for and lit up the lives of everyone he encountered. We are heartbroken that our time with him was so brief. We will cherish the time that we had with him for the rest of our lives. We have received many messages of condolence from around the world and we want to thank everyone for their prayers and support. It has meant so much to us. It is a beautiful reminder of the inherent goodness in the human spirit that gives us hope for a brighter future." -Jay P-

Clinton Still Trying To Clear Debt

Hillary Rodham Clinton is still trying to clear debt from her campaign. On Januaray 15th Jon Bon Jovi will be performing at a fundraiser for Clinton to hopefully close out her debt. Last month her debt was around $6.3 million! The event will be held at Manhattan's Town Hall and ticket prices are ranged from $75 to $1000. During her campaign she spent over $13 million in personal loans! This will be her final event to "officially" end her campaign. I guess we'll find out after if she was able to end up even. -Jay P-


Hudson Not Singing At Inauguration

Jennifer Hudson, who was belived to be singing at the inauguration of President-Elect Barack Obama, will not be singing there now. Rumors started about a month ago stating that above. These rumors were laid to rest however, when one of Hudson's reps said "There is no truth to this". I thought it would have been nice if she sang! Oh well, I'm sure we will be hearing more from Hudson in the upcoming months.
-Jay P-

Soulja Boy Robbed

Teen rapper Soulja Boy was robbed and ambushed sometime last week. Claims on New Year's Eve stated that Soulja Boy was at his house with friends when men came in and robbed him at gun point. A few days later a video clip was released fromt he alleged robbers stating that they had stalked the rapper prior to the invasion. Reports stated there was four to six men with guns, however the masked men in the video stated it was only themselves, with one gun. Hopefully they are caught!-Jay P-


R.I.P. John Travolta's Son

John Travolta's 16 year old son, Jett, died today. According to reports he suffered from a seizure and hit his head on the bathtub. It's a shame someone so young had to pass away. R.I.P. (Read the whole story at www.TMZ.com)

An autopsy will be performed on Monday.]
-Jay P-