"The Voice" Reveals The Final Four

It's the time again! It's time for NBC's The Voice to have it's final episodes. Tonight, the final four contestants were revealed and, I must say, I'm a little disappointed 

The final four are....
Terry McDermott and Cassadee Pope, both from Team Blake, and Trevin Hunte and Nichoals David, both from Team Cee Lo.

That means Melanie Martinez and Amanda Brown got the boot tonight, ridding Adam of his final two contestants. Adam now joins Christina who also has no contestants left for the finals. While I believe Trevin and Cassadee deserve to be there, I would've loved to see Melanie or Amanda in the finals as well. I loved both of their voices. Melanie was so unique and whenever she sang you knew it was her. Amanda has an incredible range, and although she was pitchy at times, she still proved that she was one of the strongest singers in the competition.

Anyway, that's pretty much the recap! Who are you rooting for in the finale?
-Jay P- 


CakeIsGood said...

I agree! Amanda should definitely still be there based on her performance of Dream On alone

SNAPPS said...

We’re finally down to the final four acts of the season and I’m excited to watch how things are going to turn out. The Voice’s a sweet primetime show I’m really enjoying at this time, and it’s hard trying to catch all the shows on primetime when there are so many. I don’t like having to choose my favorites over some of the others I had interest in as well. I can’t be home when my show’s come on, so I rely on my PrimeTime Anytime feature which will record all four major networks nightly. This all takes place in my DISH Hopper DVR once the feature’s been enabled. I didn’t know about this feature until my coworker at DISH told me, and I can go back and play them within the next eight days. I no longer tie up all the DVRs in my home. Everyone’s able to benefit for this and now they can watch the shows they want while my shows record.

Anonymous said...

I really loved Melanie too. I hope you interview her :) but now I would like to see Trevin win the whole thing