Amanda Brown Rocks Out With "Dream On"

Is there anything this girl can't sing? We've seen her slay Valerie by Amy Winehouse, Vision of Love by Mariah Carey, Paris (Ooh la la) by Grace Potter & The Nocturnals, and now Dream On by Aerosmith! Last night she stunned the crowd with her amazing performance, and she completely stole the show. I was pulling for Loren Allred but the performance above is just incredible. It can literally leave you speechless. The other contestants should be getting worried. It's time for them to step their game up, because if they don't they can all just start thinking about going home!
-Jay P- 



no one will ever sing this song as good as that! that was amazing

Michael said...

I was really impressed with her version of it although her ending notes were a little off.

Anonymous said...

loved watching this :) thanks for sharing.