The Kardashians Are Here to Stay

The Kardashians are currently laughing in the faces of everyone who predicted that their fame was quickly coming to an end. The superstar family just signed on with E! for another three years! This guarantees that the show will be going nowhere anytime soon, and at the end of the three years, it can be renewed again.

Keeping Up With The Kardashians and all of the spin-offs make for one of the most watched reality series on TV. Five out of the 10 most watched shows on E! all involved the Kardashians also. It definitely seems like they are here to stay. My prediction is that once these three years are up, Kendall and Kylie will take over with their on series.

Be sure to tune into the seventh season of Keeping Up With The Kardashians when it airs on E! on May 20th! Whether you love or hate the family, you have to admit, they're all that anyone can talk about!
-Jay P- 


Anonymous said...

Ill certainly watch them for three more years. Lol best family on TV

Pat said...

everyone says they hate them but they must be doing something right...everyone keeps watching them on TV.