Jessica Sanchez Honors Her Father

American Idol contestant Jessica Sanchez sang an emotional tribute to her father, who will be deployed to Singapore shortly. Jess belted out a flawless rendition of Luther Vandross' Dance With My Father, which prompted Jennifer Lopez to even say it was her favorite version of the classic. The judges all agreed that Jessica's performance was amazing and that the emotion behind the song was perfect. I'm not even going to lie, I got chills from her performance. There was however, one problem... The judges did not give her a standing ovation!

How can you say that was the best rendition of a song, yet not stand up for the girl. Jessica Sanchez is the most talented singer in the competition. Week after week she slays every song she sings, but week after week the judges refuse to stand for her. Joshua Ledet on the other hand has received 12 standing O's. Joshua is a great singer, but he is clearly the judges favorite and it's becoming annoying. 

Anyway, I really hope you all voted for Jess. She deserves to win this whole competition. Regardless of what happens tonight, we've definitely watched a star step into the spotlight. Best of luck Jess!
-Jay P- 


Tyler said...

I hope she stays but i am nervous since America voted to send her home once already. U should interview her whenever she gets sent home or if she wins.

Anonymous said...

That was beautiful when she sang so effortlessly. Her voice gives me gooseies lol like jlo would say

Anonymous said...

she made it to the top 5!!!!

Christina Garcia said...

If Jessica Sanchez doesn't win I'll be really mad. Shes too good. I'm so jealous that she tweeted you saying she knows you and dylan. you guys are two lucky people huh?