Idol Says Goodbye to Colton Dixon

I literally just got finished watching the American Idol results show and I promised I would blog about it, so here we go! 

Before I get into the bottom three, can I just say that I cannot stand LMFAO. I don't like their performances, I don't find them entertaining, and I can't even take them seriously. Go ahead, bash me on my own blog; I don't even care. I just don't think that they are real artists. Anyway, lets continue.

The bottom three was Colton, Elise, and Hollie. Personally I don't think that Hollie deserved to be in the bottom last night. Yes, she's been having a rough few weeks, but I was impressed with both of her performances and I thought she really stepped her game up. I would have rather seen Phillip in the bottom. He is becoming boring to me. He's a great artist, don't get me wrong, but he just doesn't have what it takes to be the American Idol. At least not to me.

When I found out that Colton and Hollie were the bottom two I immediately thought that Hollie was going to be sent home. I mean that's how these shows work. The young guys always get the teenage girl vote, and they end up winning the show. When I heard that Colton was getting sent him I was actually shocked. Not only did he have the teenage girl vote, but he was one of the strongest singers in the competition. I'm not a fan of the type of music he sings, but his voice was great.

Make sure you watch next week and please vote for Jessica Sanchez! She needs to win it all!
-Jay P- 


Stephanie Wilson said...

He shouldnt have gone but he is going to be big. I wont watch anymore.

Laura said...


Anonymous said...

oh lets be honest. he wouldnt have won. why not get rid of him before he gets his hopes up. I do have to agree with you on the fact that it was surprising to see the teenage vote fail

Tori said...

people are overreacting haha. He wasn't THAT good. they are making him out to be the best.

Anonymous said...

I love your Idol posts and tweets lol they are so entertaining. Can you go to the finale pleaseee

Anonymous said...

where are u? I need u to blog again