X Factor: Who's My Favorite?

We all know that last night was X Factor night. If you follow my Twitter then you already know that I am literally obsessed with that show. I Tweet for almost every act and respond to everyone who is tweeting me about the show as well. It's no surprise that my favorite act is Melanie Amaro. I have supported her since day one and last night was no different. Her performance of "Everybody Hurts" by REM was simply amazing. Her tone is so pure and she now has so much more control over her voice compared to her earlier performances. I will admit that Josh Krajcik's performance was more of a rock performance, but then again, his tone naturally works with rock music. Personally I don't like the "theme" week idea. Not every singer is able to sing every genre, and no singer would sing every genre on their own album. Regardless, my favorite acts of the night were Melanie, Josh, Drew, and Marcus. Be sure to watch the result show live tonight to see if your favorite act makes it through!
-Jay P- 


Anonymous said...

Josh was the best because he sand a rock song. Vocally Melanie is the best.

Anonymous said...

i think drew is the best. she has a rare voice. if she walked into a label right now they would sign her before any of the other singers just because she is more unique

Kelly said...

I hate Stacy I'm glad she's gone. She sounded like a dying cat!!