Rihanna ft Jay Z - Talk That Talk

I've been hearing so much about Rihanna's new album but I haven't really listened to anything yet. Today I got an email about a Rihanna and Jay Z song called "Talk That Talk." I was a big fan of them when they worked together on Run This Town so I decided to give this a listen. I actually like the song and it reminds me of Rihanna in her earlier days. Her and Jay Z work so well together and I think that her album will be a huge success. In addition to this, another song titled "Where Have You Been" just surfaced. I didn't listen to that yet but it's produced by Calvin Harris, the man behind "We Found Love," so I'm sure it's pretty good. All in all I'm interested in listening to Rihanna's new album as a whole, and see how she has evolved from her last studio album.
-Jay P- 


Tanya Gates said...

i love Rihanna. Can't wait till 11.21.11 everyone go buy her album. support her. listen to her music. <3 she is life

Anonymous said...

Great song! I bet her album is gonna be better than Biebers :)

Anonymous said...

This sucks -_- I hate Rihanna she doesn't know how 2 sing