French Macarons

I have seen these things all over the Internet for the longest time! I finally found out what they were and I decided that I had to try them. I went online to find out where I could order my very first French Macarons from and quickly realized that the best places seemed to be in New York City. I quickly came across the Macaron Cafe (http://www.macaroncafe.com) and decided to place an order. I got six different flavors; Vanilla, Chocolate Coconut, Almond, Pistachio, Lemon, and Raspberry. First, can I just say that I ordered these on Saturday and they came today. That is incredible! The service was so fast, and the packaging was so nice as well. So far I've just tried the Vanilla flavor, but the taste was amazing! It was so rich, and the texture was great. I'm definitely a fan of these and I can see myself ordering them in the future! I highly recommend them to anyone who wants to try something different. The Macaron Cafe in NYC also ships nationwide so feel free to check them out and order you and your families a nice treat!
-Jay P- 


Anonymous said...

They look really good but they're so expensive :(

Anonymous said...

Ahh I'm addicted to them. Eer since I tried them I've been eating them all the time.