2011 American Music Award Fashion

I don't know what it is at music award shows, but I get really picky with all of the artists. Its almost like no one ever knows what to wear so you see a huge range of good and bad... mostly bad.

First off, Chris Brown sang his heart out, it was great... But what was he wearing? He looked so basic.

Christina Aguliera's Stylist forgot to give her spanx.

Side note, No shave November is affecting the Beibs, he has a 'stache?

However, Him and Selena looked great:

And Katy Perry decided to dress like Jigglypuff? WHY! It was horrendous.

I love Ellie Goulding. She's possibly my fave of the night.

AND Jennifer Hudson is looking great!

The only real theme in dresses from the night was metallic and sparkles. I didn't show Taylor Swift because shes worn that simple glittery dress like 23049823948 times already. And I am also tired of her pretending to be surprised when she wins an award. J.Lo also wore a Britney/Cher-esque outfit, while recreating her fiat commercial. I have to give her props though, she looks good!


Haley said...

jennifer hudson is looking gorggg andd Justin and Selena are way too perf just sayn

Anonymous said...

i feel the same wayyy im always SO critical on everyone. i usually end up hating everyone haha. selena and justin are gorgeous though

Anonymous said...

chris brown performed so well but idk he needs a new stylist. Ellie Goulding was STUNNING as as Jennifer Hudson and Selena Gomez. I thought Katy Perry looked coolish but thats just me

Ryan said...

Selena is way to pretty for Justin Bieber. She looked great

Anonymous said...

i though JLO was gorgeous