Twilight's, Robert Pattinson Asked To Bite Tyra

Yesterday, Friday November 21st Robert Pattinson, the star of "Twilight", was asked to bite Tyra Banks on the neck. The move "Twilight", has already earned 35,700,000 dollars and was only released yesterday. The book has also been seeing increasing sells, says author Stephanie Meyer. Despite all the hype, the movie has been receiving mixed reviews. I have not seen it yet but, I plan on going soon with some friends. If you've seen it what do you think about it? Email me with your reviews at " Jay_swag93@yahoo.com "
- Jay P -

*Update* Twilight earned this weeks number 1 spot on the box office. Making close to, if not more, than Friday's estimate of $70 million. Stephanie Meyer also said that they will be move forward and make the sequel "New Moon", into a movie as well. 

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