Plaxico Burress' Accident..

New York Giants wide reciever, Plaxico Burress, shot himself accidently this weekend. While at a nightclub with teammate, Antonio Pierce, Burress stumbled and a concealed firarm he had was fired and ripped through his leg. According to the paper, Pierce was asked not to call 911, in an attempt to cover up the event. Plaxico Burress may be charged with illagle gun possesion. He did not have a permit to have a concealed weapon in New York. He had a permit for Florida but it expired a in May. Burress will be represented by Benjamin Brafman, the lawyer who represented P. Diddy in his 1999 gun case. Brafman was able to get Diddy a unanimous "not guilty" verdict, lets see what he can do with Burress.
-Jay P-
*Update* A judge set Plaxico's bail for $100,000

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