New Trio?

On Friday, November 14th, Danity Kane will be performing at the Jet Mirage night club in Las Vegas. I guess we can call them Danity Kane still, we'll just have to wait and see if they sound the same. Maybe this is the right direction for the group who knows? We'll have to wait and hear how they sound as a trio. I have to admit, after watching making the band since the forming of Danity Kane, it doesn't seem right to have them perform without Aubrey and
 D. Woods. Some Good news to come out of it is that Shannon is going to be in it so her "break" must be over and not a permanent thing. Lets just wait and find out how things go for the group. If i can find a video of them, after they perform I will try to post it so everyone can hear them. I wonder what songs they will do? Email me with your thoughts on this at Jay_Swag93@yahoo.com
--Jay P--

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